Week of April 5, 2020

+ John Luebbe
the father of Mark Luebbe

Week of March 29, 2020

+ Kevin Smith
the brother-in-law of Maureen Crowell

+ Marie Allen
the mother of Harold Allen

Week of March 22, 2020

+ Joseph Cubr
the father of Jim Cubr

+ Lisa Schibley
the niece of Mary and Dick Walker

+ Don Tremel

Week of March 15, 2020

+ Joseph McMullen
the son of Thomas and Virginia McMullen

+ Daniel Migdal

Week of March 1, 2020

+ Betty Ann Cloutier
the mother of Gwen Weinberger

+ Betty Kurkowski
the mother of Frances Kubacki

+ Andrew Kovalchik
the brother-in-law of Donna Kovalchik and Uncle of Robin Shollack

Week of February 16, 2020

+ Gregory Abraham
the husband of Andrea Abraham and son in law of Dennis & Mary Kay Edoff

+ Hogan McCuan
the husband of Rosemary McCuan

+ James Diamond
the father of Jeff Diamond

+ Raymond York
the uncle of Connie Diamond

Week of February 9, 2020

+ Jim Cruz
the brother of Dennis Cruz

+ Dorothy Keefe
the mother of Linda Kinneer

+ Joseph Grzywacz
the father of Ann Marie Holthus, Beth Milatz and Debby Feger

+ Janine St. Pierre
the sister in law of Carlene Demers

Week of February 2, 2020

+ Francis Wilhelm

+ Robert John Wallace III
the son of Bob & DJ Wallace

+ Geri Harmon

Week of January 26, 2020

+ Robert Krupansky
the brother of Ken Krupansky

+ Adam
the nephew of Karen Polcyn

Week of January 19, 2020

+ Gwen Maes

Week of January 12, 2020

+ Martha Goode

+ Eleanor Bendy
the mother of Terri Didyk

Week of January 5, 2020

+ Carl Cordonnier
the father of Carlene Demers

Week of December 29, 2019

+ William Campbell
the father of Patty Mitchell

+ Buck Gudith
the uncle of Scott Price

Week of December 22, 2019

+ Ann Chevalier
the sister-in-law of Jim Chevalier

+ Pearl Mays
the mother Cindy Finelli

Week of December 8, 2019

+ Peggy Ondre
the sister of Dennis Wagener

+ Marge Cruz
the mother Dennis Cruz

+ Richard Murphy
the father of Dan Murphy

Week of December 1, 2019

+ Eleanor MacIntosh
the mother of M.J. Parsons

+ Era Miron
the mother Stephen Miron

+ Patrick Kelly
the father of Erin Wolfe

Week of November 24, 2019

+ Nancy Hool
the mother of Nancy Little

+ Linda Lambert
the mother of Jacci Dunn

Week of November 17, 2019

+ Mary Patricia Pesta
the sister of Nick Faber

+ Dennis Migdal

+ Geraldine White

Week of November 10, 2019

+ Bob Monforton

Week of November 3, 2019

+ John Vincent Affatati
the father of the John Affatati

Week of October 24, 2019

+ Rev. James Lothamer

Funeral Arrangements for Rev. James Lothamer, P.S.S. at St. Agnes Parish, Fowlerville The Rosary for Fr. Jim will be Thursday, November 7 at 4:30 p.m. followed by Visitation until the 7:00 p.m. Scripture Service. Friday, November 8 Visitation will be 5:30 p.m. with the Funeral Mass at 6:30 p.m. Both evenings will have a reception in the Lothamer Parish Center.

Week of October 20, 2019

+ Henry "Hank" Cornille

+ Jane Turowski

Week of October 13, 2019

+ Nathaniel Diamond

+ Anna Thatcher
the mother of Julie Cauley

Week of October 6, 2019

+ Roy Mantay
the father of the late Denice Duncan

+ Ann Wodarski
the mother of Cass Wodarski

+ Michele Ruellan

+ Thomas Conroy
the father of Katie Wood

+ Kenneth Senchuk
the father of Bill Senchuk

Week of September 29, 2019

+ Joseph C. Miller
the father of Joseph Miller

Week of September 15, 2019

+ Terry Wilson

+ Edward Walblay

Week of September 8, 2019

+ Denice Duncan

Week of September 1, 2019

+ Michael Shearer
the father of Kim Blastic

+ Melissa Loniewski

Week of August 18, 2019

+ Lesa Colson
the sister-in-law of Barb Clift

+ Donald W. Batten

Week of August 11, 2019

+ Ron Sams
the brother of Jerry Sams

+ Gene Osowski
the father of Dianne Sweeter

Week of August 4, 2019

+ Todd Aurand
the former husband of Renee Aurand

Week of July 28, 2019

+ Michael Harrah
the son of Ellen Harrah

Week of July 21, 2019

+ Lucille Aube
the mother of Molly Kissau

+ Kathleen Pittel
the mother of Alan Pittel

Week of July 14, 2019

+ Donna Lee Langer
the mother of Herb Langer

+ Michael Cron
the cousin of Jen Ross and Margie Martin
and nephew of Elyce Cron

Week of July 7, 2019

+ Leigh Anne Lancour
the step-daughter of Teresa McDaniels

+ Ben Schmidt
the brother of Josie Doucette

+ Robert Sarkisian
the grandfather of Rose Simpson

Week of June 16, 2019

+ Rhoda Kelso
the mother in law of Gail Kelso

+ Irene Knight
the aunt of Denice Duncan

+ Joseph Pace
the friend of Trish Zupko

Week of June 9, 2019

+ Marilyn Fekete
the mother of Doug Fekete

+ Eldon Johnson
the father of Mary Rinkus

+ Sr. Kathleen DeSmext
the sister of Barbara Furlong

+ Patrick Donnelly
the husband of the cousin of Ginny Kroll

Week of May 26, 2019

+ Norm Harshbarger
the father of Kathy Riccardi

+ Bill Hanke
the father of Karen Tajer

+ Dean Robert
the brother of Dana Burant

+ Vince Browe
the nephew of Sharon Yelinek

Week of May 19, 2019

+ Philip Tubaro

+ Andrew John Sutter

+ David Harvey Schlueter

Week of May 5, 2019

+ Matthew Chrzaszcz
the brother of Nancy Nychypor

+ Richard Urbin
the father of Kelley Korek

+ Richard (Dick) Shaft

+ Margarette McCullum
the aunt of Mark Koprowicz

Week of April 28, 2019

+ Jan Patrick
the sister of Helen Hackett

+ John Stafiej

+ Erlinda Gestopa
the mother of Grace Firek

Week of April 21, 2019

+ Leonard Cusmano
the cousin of Justina Laginess

+ Greg Meyer
the brother of Michael Meyer

Week of April 7, 2019

+ Carol Colombo
the aunt of Mary Ellen Magon

+ Thomas Garity

+ Camille List
the sister in law of Charlie List

Week of March 31, 2019

+ Donna Pullicin
the sister of Larry Yelinek

Week of March 24, 2019

+ Lester Lacca
the father of Connie Diamond

+ Ron Sherman
the father of Margaret Callaghan

+ Tom Ginnelly
the brother of Judy Brown

Week of March 17, 2019

+ Jessie Condash
the grand daughter of Teresa McDaniels

+ Keith Wolfe
the brother of Devon Wolfe

Week of March 10, 2019

+ Henry Bergeron
the brother of Charline List

Week of March 3, 2019

+ Jim Kramer
the brother of Bob Kramer

+ Frank Pellerito
the uncle of Justina Laginess

+ Leslie Henson
the father of Michele Anderer

For Those Who Have Died. . .
We seem to give them back to You. O Lord, who first gave them to us.
Yet as You did not lose them in giving, so we do not lose them by their return to You.
     Not as the world gives do You give, O Lover of souls. What you give You do not take away.
     For what is Yours is ours also if we belong to You. Life is eternal and love is immortal.
     Death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing but the limit of our sight.

Lift us up, strong Son of God, that we may see further; cleanse our eyes,
that we may see more clearly; draw us closer to Yourself that we may
know ourselves to be nearer our loved ones who are with You.
     And while you prepare a place for us, prepare us also for that place.
     That where You are, we may be also forevermore. Amen.