Week of August 27, 2017

Ann Bund

Sylvia Shinska
the mother of Chuck Shinska

Week of August 20, 2017

Kazimiera Boruta
the Grandmother of Eric Silvestri

Christine Robbins
the sister of Marsha McBride

Phyllis Stankewicz
the mother of Philip Stankewicz

Week of August 6, 2017

Dean Campeau
the Brother-in-law of Sr. Maryetta Churches

Betty Domenoe
the Grandmother of John Wyeth

Dianne Tenaglia

Funeral: Friday, August 18, 11 am  --Visitation 10-11 am

Week of July 30, 2017

James Seitz
Father of John Seitz

Funeral: Thursday, August 10, 11 am  --Visitation 10-11 am

Week of July 2, 2017

Ron Abramovich

Services at St. Mary Magdalen
Visitation in Chapel: Thursday, July 27, 6 8 pm
Scripture Service 8 pm
Funeral Mass: Friday, July 28, 11 am Visitation 10-11 am

Carol Miller
the grandmother of Megan Tierny

Gordon Harmon

Marilyn Pence Rhadigan

Week of June 24, 2017

Ray Wood
brother of Mary Kay Edoff

Bob McBride

Week of June 11, 2017

Craig Nelson

Week of May 28, 2017

Leonard Burant
brother of Paul Burant

John Morrison

Monika Knudson
mother of Erika Forster

Week of May 21, 2017

Patricia Neitzke
mother of Arnol Neitzke

Week of May 14, 2017

Mary Ann Bice
mother of Rene Geran

Week of May 7, 2017

Walter Kovacs

Leonard Gardner
father of Shari Russano

Lennie Louis
mother of Lee Ann Louis Prescott

Janet Glowacki
mother of Tom Glowacki

Week of April 30, 2017

Stacie Sherman
sister in law of Margaret Callaghan

Week of April 23, 2017

Florence Collison
mother of Diane Neitzke

Ronald Denkhaus
father of Jennifer Preiss

Week of April 16, 2017

Katherine Miller
grandmother of Roxanne Hundsrucker

Week of April 9, 2017

Sherry Kunkle

Bob Gostomski

David Swain

For Those Who Have Died. . .
We seem to give them back to You. O Lord, who first gave them to us.
Yet as You did not lose them in giving, so we do not lose them by their return to You.
     Not as the world gives do You give, O Lover of souls. What you give You do not take away.
     For what is Yours is ours also if we belong to You. Life is eternal and love is immortal.
     Death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing but the limit of our sight.
Lift us up, strong Son of God, that we may see further; cleanse our eyes,
that we may see more clearly; draw us closer to Yourself that we may
know ourselves to be nearer our loved ones who are with You.
     And while you prepare a place for us, prepare us also for that place.
     That where You are, we may be also forevermore. Amen.