The Welcoming Ministry Team enables new people to become full members of the parish. Team members contact those who have expressed an interest in joining and set a time and date to meet. The member presents a welcome packet that includes our Vision Statement and other information on the parish. After explaining our parish, opportunities for involvement and answering questions, the team member fills out a registration form with the new parishioner. The team member then follows up by meeting the new parishioners at a weekend Liturgy in order to introduce them to other members of the parish. Members of this ministry arrange their own schedule. They are asked to meet with about 10 people over the course of their year of service. Those who volunteer for this ministry make a one year commitment.

The Samaritans are a group, who, like the Good Samaritan in the Scriptures, tend to the immediate needs of fellow parishioners. There are four sub-groups: transportation, meals, household help and funeral luncheons. When a parishioner is seriously ill or hospitalized, the Samaritans provide short-term help of meals, transportation or other household help. Volunteers provide a dish for funeral lunches and some help serve. Transportation is provided to those who are unable to drive themselves to Mass, to medical appointments or to shop. We are especially in need of volunteers who can help during the day or weekdays.

R.C.I.A. hospitality ministers embrace the candidates in our community by welcoming them and making them feel at home by setting up and serving refreshments at the sessions and retreats. Members of the hospitality team serve approximately 5 times a year. Volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment to this ministry.

Each year some of our parishioners enter the Journey of Faith which leads them to join our Church at Easter. RCIA Sponsors join these candidates in the fall for the rest of their journey. Sponsors participate in the Sunday sessions and offer their candidate support and encouragement throughout the journey. Sponsors are people of faith who are willing to share that gift with others! Volunteers make a one year commitment to this ministry.

This is a ministry team of health care professionals who work with our Parish Wellness Team to share their knowledge with the community in a variety of informational and service programs geared to our better health. Those who join this ministry should be trained health care professionals. Folks are asked to sign up for a specific project of this ministry team. Volunteers make a one year commitment to this ministry.
BLOOD PRESSURE: Trained health professionals take blood pressures of their fellow parishioners once a month after Liturgy. A one year commitment to this ministry can improve lives!
BLOOD DRIVES: We have 6 blood drives annually. These volunteers assist with the registration, canteen and Red Cross staff. A one year commitment to this ministry can improve lives.

Our Vision commits us to "embrace our children as our younger brothers and sisters in Christ." We envision a strong religious education program that will excite our youth into learning and sharing with us fully.”  St. Mary Magdalen has a dynamic program dedicated to this vision.  Catechists, Aides, Hall Monitors, Nursery Help and a Religious Formation Team are all vital to St. Mary Magdalen’s Religious Formation Program! 
This ministry requires Virtus training and a back ground check.  There are 24 classes each year plus the formation sessions at the start and over the course of the year.

This ministry team helps to keep our parish kitchen organized and ready for the various groups that use it over the course of a month. Their task it keep the kitchen in order (filling sugar, creamer, salt & pepper shakers; wiping and counting silverware; organizing equipment and paper products, etc.) in short, keeping everything organized and ready for use. This ministry team commits about ONE & A HALF hours a month to this ministry for a year. Volunteers make a one year commitment to this ministry.

The Liturgical Art and Environment Task Group works in conjunction with the Worship Ministry Team to enhance our worship space for the seasons during the Church Year. They meet for planning but most of the work is done in small groups or by individuals. Volunteers for this ministry make a one year commitment.

Hardly a day goes by without someone asking for prayer for a special need. This is a commitment to pray for the needs of our fellow parishioners and the parish. Ministers of prayer commit themselves to pray for one hour each month in our Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Our prayer requests will be placed there. The prayer minister prays for these during their hour and takes the requests with them to continue their prayer through the rest of the month.

There is always a need for folks with special skills. It may be woodworking, sewing, calligraphy, metal working and many others. Those who sign up would be willing to donate their time and talent to the parish in response to a need that would arise over the next year.

Each weekend we serve coffee & donuts after the Liturgy, providing the opportunity for us to continue the community we have just celebrated. The role of those hosting is to set up beforehand and to clean up afterward. It requires about 30 minutes before and after the Liturgy. Those who choose this ministry serve about six times a year (once every other month) and are asked to make a one year commitment.

This is a hands on ministry team. The Properties Team will be concerned with the maintenance, upkeep, safety and continuing development of our parish buildings and property. The efforts of this team will involve our maintenance personnel. Special projects will require the recruitment and organization of volunteers or the hiring of contractors. Besides the ongoing work of this group, team members will meet about 8 times during the year for planning. Those who sign up for this ministry are asked to make a one year commitment to it.

The role of the Marthas is to assure that all of our sacred spaces are clean and well cared for. Each member of the Marthas is asked to donate about two hours a month to dust, vacuum and clean. On a periodic basis, the group works together for special cleaning projects. Marthas work on teams and receive training. The actual cleaning can take place whenever the team member is able. Those who sign up for this ministry are asked to make a one year commitment to it.

Everyone who enjoys knitting or croqueting (at any level) is invited to join this ministry of creating shawls, lap robes and baby blankets for people needing to be enfolded in Godís love and care for them (and ours too!) Those who have these skills meet on Wednesday afternoons from noon to 2 pm. Volunteers for this ministry make a one year commitment.