One Celebration Over Three Days
Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday.

April 18           April 19          April 20

Unique in the worship of the Church these solemn days stand apart from all others.  The Triduum is the culmination of the entire church year, because it celebrates the Paschal Mystery; the life, passion, death and Resurrection of Christ, the basis of our faith. What we experience during the Triduum we see at no other time during the year; the washing of the feet, the veneration of the cross, the service of light, the singing of the Exultet, the Baptism of the elect.  The Triduum is full of moments that touch our inner being and move our soul.

Holy Thursday  -  self giving

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper    7:30 p.m.
The solemn and joyful opening of the Easter Triduum

The Scriptures this night remind us of the first Passover meal of the Israelites as they prepare for their journey out of slavery in Egypt. We then hear of the Institution of the Eucharist by Christ on the night before he died.  As the Israelites were freed from their slavery in Egypt and brought to new life in the promised land, in Christ we are freed from slavery to sin and brought to new life in Him.

In the symbolic washing of the feet, we come to understand the love that led Jesus to endure such a humiliating death.  The very love of God… We can especially participate in this Liturgy by having our feet or our hands washed and in turn wash others.  This ritual gesture expresses our commitment to serve one another as Jesus served, in love, peace and humility.

We then gather around the table of Jesus’ Passover with His disciples where He gives to us the Gift of Himself, the Bread of Eternal Life.  At the end of the Liturgy we process to the garden (Holy Cross Chapel) where we watch and wait in prayer until the time of Jesus’ arrest (midnight).

We can come pray in the garden between 9 and 11:30pm.  This “night watch” will end with
“Tenebrae”, the traditional prayer of the Church (11:30pm - 12).

Good Friday - at the foot of the cross

Way of the Cross 1pm
Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion 7:30 p.m.

On this night we begin in silence as the priest prostrates himself as a sign of his humility before God. During the Liturgy of the Word, the Passion of Christ is proclaimed. The cross, the symbol of our salvation is then brought forward for us to venerate and in reverence we too humble ourselves before our saving God. There is a simple reception of Communion and we leave again, in silence. The church now becomes the tomb. We return to our homes and wait in hope. The Church pauses in unity with the grief of the ages. Our love of God depends not on what God can do for us, but rather, on who God is.

Holy Saturday - Day of Joy
The Easter Vigil 8:30 p.m.

Light Conquers Darkness…
We begin outside where the first fire is lit. From that fire we light the Easter candle and process it into the darkened church, the tomb. We pass the light from candle to candle as the tomb is lit with the "Light of the World", and we celebrate the victory of light over darkness that humanity has ever longed for. The Church in worship expresses her faith in the mystery that brings her into being. We proclaim that Jesus Christ is risen! Rejoice! This night brings before us the deepest symbols of our hopes and fears. The darkness, sin and death, has been overcome by light. Alleluia ! Alleluia ! Alleluia ! God's Love Endures Forever The Scripture readings proclaimed this night recall the great interventions of God in history, from the beginning of creation to the redemption of Israel from Egypt, and end with the story of the Resurrection. The Great “Alleluia” proclaims with quiet joy the triumph of God's Son. The elect are baptized into the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. “Living water” flows through our lives. And we, His chosen ones, renew our baptismal promises, renewing our life in Him. The newest members of our Church are confirmed and together we are fed and nourished with our most sacred Gift, the Body and Blood of Christ. The Easter Vigil is the most important Liturgy of the year. No other event has more significance than this celebration. It is much more than a remembrance of the Easter story. The Easter Vigil is the Resurrection. The whole of our faith is built upon this one central belief, that Jesus is risen from the dead!

9 and 11am

THE EASTER TRIDUUM - from Death to Life