To provide immediate help to those in need and promote structural change to eliminate the need for charity.
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And the King will say to them...
whatever you did for the least of My brothers, you did for me.

Doing for the least of our brothers and sisters is the core of the commitment of the Charity and Justice Team at St. Mary Magdalen.
We are involved in projects that present our friends and families opportunities to participate in organized activities that bring resources and hope to those who most need our help. We also focus on bringing about a more just society by striving to change the policies and structures that prevent people from living dignified lives and reach their God-given potential. We put a human face on the teachings of our church so that our parish family not only listens to God’s word but can find the means to truly live it.
Our Charity and Justice Team works with other organizations and congregations so that we can extend and maximize our combined efforts.  We are actively involved in outreach programs that provide information, mentoring and leadership throughout our local communities. By joining us you will help to meet our goal of broadening our participation and provide support to the many who rely on our help.

The Charity and Justice Ministry Team plans and coordinates our parish's effort to reach out to those in need by providing assistance. Over the year they bring food to the needy, collect gifts at holiday time and collect clothes for those in need. They also are charged with the task of working to help the needy help themselves. This Ministry Team has about 10 meetings a year (on the second Tuesday of the month). Members who volunteer for this ministry make a commitment for one year.

C & J meetings- 7pm on the Second Tuesday of the month
All are welcome
Email questions to:

To request more information about the CHARITY & JUSTICE TEAM



Involves providing immediate help (the Corporal Works of Mercy) to those in need

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Promotes structural change to address the causes underlying need and
is based on the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Human Dignity
Community and the Common Good
Rights and Responsibilities
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
Dignity of Work/Rights of Workers
Stewardship of Creation
Global Solidarity
Constructive Role of Government
Promotion of Peace

Our ministry informs through articles in the Visionary, handouts found at the C&J table in our church’s gathering space, information on the Parish website and social media. We seek to provide a clear message of deeper understanding of these Church teachings so individuals can advocate for change in their daily lives. When a teaching so motivates individuals, we help organize events for group participation. These “calls for action” should be brought to our C&J monthly meetings for discussion and advocacy.

Crop Walk
raises funds for feeding the hungry in Livingston County and  around the world.

St Vincent DePaul Clothing Drive
collects clothes for those in need.

Advent Giving Tree
collects gifts to address the needs of seniors, individuals with disabilities.                             

Senior Giving Tree
collects gifts to provide needed supplies to various senior organizations.

Faith in Flint -
various projects supporting the call of Bishop Boyea to help the people of Flint focused on the NEW Life Center and Center for HOPE.

Veterans Project
outreach to help disabled veterans in our community.

Warm the Children
provides new articles of winter clothing  for poor children.

Mothers Day Carnation sale
raises funds for Right to Life.

Pregnancy Help Line
collects supplies to help expectant mothers in need.

“Backpack for Kids”
Project- provides underserved Livingston County students with basic school supplies.

Kids Against Hunger
raises funds to feed the hungry. Parishioners raise funds with various projects. Then the parish packages meals to be distributed locally, in third world countries and, through relief agencies when disaster strikes.

Food Collection / Distribution
a weekly activity in which parishioners bring food items  to church for distribution to area food pantries.

Migrant Camp Project
provides soap, towels and potable water for migrant workers in Livingston County.

Magdalen’s Kitchen
a community meal is served on Monday evenings at St. Mary Magdalen’s Community Room. We cook, serve, host, socialize and clean up.

Right To Life Prayer Chain
prayer for the protection of the sanctity of human life.

Right to Life Christmas Card Sale
raises funds for Right to Life of Livingston County.

Recycle Batteries
used batteries are collected during April for proper disposal.

How You Can Help:
C&J encourages parish members to live their religion through participation.
We need help in many ways:

--   Join a project even for one day, like Magdalen’s Kitchen or Kids Against Hunger

--   Volunteer to help organize one of the projects

--   Chair a project and lead one of the activities.

--   Personally give to an activity such as the Giving Tree or HOPE in a Box

--   Participate in monthly C&J committee meetings.
      A one year commitment is requested. 

--   Check the weekly bulletin for upcoming activities.

--   Bring your ideas for action to the C&J committee.

St. Mary Magdalen answered Bishop Boyea’s Spring call to action under the banner “Faith in Flint”. Charity and Justice has been working with the St. Luke NEW Life Center and Catholic Charities’ Center for Hope and local government agencies to find ways we can help alleviate chronic need in Flint, where 41% of the residents and 62% of the children live in poverty. Projects will be available to appeal to a broad range of parishioners
Opportunities to Serve
Are you looking for a service project? Would you like to help others in the Community? Charity & Justice maintains a list of opportunities to serve others. This list is posted in the church gathering area at the Charity & Justice table, and right here on the web:
See: Opportunities to Serve

Charity and Justice always has 6 to 10 projects underway to help those in need. 
Here are a few of the ways that you can help:

Take a 5 min. survey to guide a new Transportation Plan for Livingston County at
Contact:  Leo Hanifin at

Deliver food donations to food pantry in SE MI (1 – 2 hours)
Contact:  Gary Prise  at

Please let us know if you have a project we could include.

AN EASY WAY TO HELP THE WORK OF THE PARISH: Kroger Stores and Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchases to our parish.