What is ALPHA?

Life is full of questions. Many of us at one time or another have asked Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where am I heading? Is there more to life than this? Alpha is a place to explore some of lifeís biggest questions in a safe and open environment. Whether you attend church or not, believe in God or not - or even if youíre just not sure - it doesnít matter. Alpha is for everyone, regardless of your background or belief. There is never any pressure, and the cost is free.

What to expect:
A weekly series where you have the opportunity to connect with others. Every gathering begins with a meal, followed by a talk, and ends with small group conversation. Each gathering will provide the often rare opportunity to explore lifeís big questions about faith, reason, God, and meaning.
The sessions are designed to inspire and create conversation in a pressure-free environment. You are never obligated to say anything, and there is nothing you canít say. You can offer your perspective, learn from the perspective of others, and often build lasting friendships along the way.

Tuesday mornings 10am - 12 noon beginning April 30. Sessions will be held at
St. Mary Magdalen Church, 2201 S. Old US23 Highway, Brighton.

You can register for Alpha by calling (810) 229-8624, emailing alpha@saintmarymagdalen.org, or filling out the form below:

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Questions? Contact alpha@saintmarymagdalen.org or call (810) 229-8624